Alligator Kingdom 3D

(Duration 28 min) Alligator Kingdom 3D is the first-ever 3D HD documentary shot in the protected areas of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. This stereoscopic natural history film explores the swamp's complex ecosystem and the crucial role played by the American Alligator- one of the last great free-roaming predators on earth. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Michael Watchulonis, expert 3D HD photography creates a magic carpet ride into remote areas of one of the last great black water swamps. The Native Americans called it "Land of the Trembling Earth". It is a stunning landscape forged by fire and ruled by ancient predators. The film enlists renowned alligator biologist Dr. Kent Vliet, of the University of Florida, to delve into the alligator's physiology with spectacular skull specimens and fully articulated skeletons. Vliet's world-class field, laboratory, and classroom experience expertly takes the audience from nose to tail as he illustrates the alligator's unique abilities and predatory techniques honed over millions of years of evolution.

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