3D-Hub expands online content libary offering more choice to education sector


Interactive 3D teaching software provider 3D-Hub is expanding its online library of 3D content after a number of world-leading distributors and producers agreed to make a selection of their titles available for download.

This expansion is good news for teachers looking for new and exciting 3D videos to use in the classroom with 3D-Hub’s media player.

3D Content Hub, National Geographic Entertainment and Principal Media have all agreed to provide 3D content, adding to the many titles already available on the 3D-Hub website.

Among the new factual clips will be the multi-award-winning film Cosmic Journey. This spectacular documentary takes the viewer on a trip to the edges of the universe using previously unseen NASA and Hubble space telescope images.(http://cosmicjourneymovie.com/download_educators/00_Cosmic_Journey_FullGuide.pdf)

National Geographic Entertainment will be adding the award-winning Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure to the 3D-Hub website. The film takes viewers back in time 182 million years, bringing to life some of the dinosaur age's most fearsome marine reptiles. (http://movies.nationalgeographic.co.uk/movies/)

3D-Hub’s software is downloaded online and installed on the classroom PC as a 3D interactive media player. Via a projector and 3D glasses, the system allows content such as 3D videos to be viewed and virtual models to be manipulated, animated, and disassembled interactively – further enhancing students’ learning experience. 3D-Hub’s software is also able to support 3D document cameras, all within one piece of software.

Any files downloaded are able to be played only on 3D-Hub media players licensed to that particular school but can be used multiple times in multiple locations (to any PCs with the licensed software installed).

Kurt Bowen, Production Director of 3D-Hub, commented: “3D-Hub is fast becoming a focal point for 3D in the education sector. We’re now offering even more content thanks to 3D Content Hub, Principal Media, and National Geographic, which is great news for teachers who want to use our media player as a pathway into the exciting world of 3D as a teaching tool.”

Torsten Hoffmann, founder and CEO of 3D Content Hub, said: "We have always felt that 3D is particularly well-suited for the educational sector, and we are proud to be working with 3D-Hub to bring our content into classrooms."

Mark Katz, President of National Geographic Entertainment’s Distribution, commented:“The early research shows that 3D content results in more retention of certain content in the classroom than more traditional modes of delivery.National Geographic is excited to be partnering with 3D-Hub to bring 3D informal science education to students in classrooms, not just to those students who see our films in theatres.”

For more information on 3D-Hub go to www.3d-hub.co.uk